Models Own Gold Rush $130,000 Nail Polish

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While everyone (and their dog) is out there (or inside, where it’s warm) hunting for bargains this Black Friday, I’d like to introduce you to a very special item, very unlike what you’d expect to find / shop for today…

Models Own Gold Rush nail polish! It looks like a nail polish, it must be one, only it costs $130,000! That’s the couture version. The ready to wear, down-to-earth version only costs $7,8. What makes the couture version so special? It’s the same nail polish, only the exquisite bottle of the Gold Rush couture features a hand made yellow gold lid with 1,118 diamonds encrusted. The power of the Gold Rush is in the packaging. I was just wondering – if you actually could afford to pay $130,000 for a nail polish, wouldn’t you also afford a daily manicure being done to you instead of twisting and turning and polishing your own nails all by yourself? Just saying… (either way, regardless of your choice, the nail polish is available here from mid December)

Models Own Gold Rush couture gold nail polish

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