Juergen Teller For Marc Jacobs Skates

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Whenever he feels the need for something highly artsy, Marc Jacobs turns to Juergen Teller’s lenses. There’s no match for his flashy photographs! Now he’s got the street recognition, if he needed such a thing for there you have a very special collection of skateboard decks printed with Juergen’s photos.

For those who are interested in buying the skate decks – the very limited edition $69 decks come in four prints: Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Lisa Marie and M.I.A.. Hurry up, though, they said only 100 copies are available (and there’s no saying 100 “each” print so I’m assuming he only made 25 of each print)! (via)

Marc Jacobs Juergen Teller skateboard decks

Marc Jacobs Juergen Teller skateboard decks prints

Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs skateboard decks

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