Frankie Valli And The 4 Seasons Big Girls Don’t Cry

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As you may know, today marks a special anniversary in our family – our baby boy is one month old! How time flies! I can’t believe I can actually look down and see my toes right now! Anyways, because it’s such a special day (for us), I thought I’d make a bit of a motherhood-ish break today!

Thanking you for being yet another wonderful week with me, for your great and insightful comments, I wish you have the most amazing weekend yet! Enjoy Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Big Girls Don’t Cry! (and if you’re curious about that motherhood-ish flavor, hit the jump!)

Growing up, I had times when I was feeling retro, times when I was feeling hippie and times when I was downright rocking. Never thought, though, that I’d be singing this song to my girl one day! Big Girls Don’t Cry! Haven’t you heard that, my sweet, sweet girl? You see, we were warned that would happen once she will no longer be the “baby” of the house: she’ll eventually feel neglected or un-spoiled like she used to be and she’ll start manifesting her (not jealousy, no) need for attention with all kinds of tantrums. And boy, is she crying! She’s crying all day long! From breakfast till dinner, from the clothes she’s wearing (or not) to the shoes she’s putting on (or not). From the books she’s reading (or not) to the chairs she’s sitting on (or not). Tears to fill the oceans of the world!

So this week’s Friday Break goes out to my sweet, sweet curly headed girl! Big Girls Don’t Cry!

Frankie Valli’s Big Girls Don’t Cry was the opening for the 1987 Dirty Dancing (you may remember this scene here) and, what do you know, it was also featured on the original soundtrack of the Mermaids – you know, with Cher? (I’m having my Cher month right now!). Released in 1962, this song was an absolute hit, the second for Frankie and The 4 Seasons (if you remember Sherry? It sounds pretty similar to Big Girls.. and that’s because the Motown believed a hit must be followed by another hit, very similar to the first). (you can read more about Frankie Valli here)

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#1 Agingerella on 11.22.10 at 8:35 am

Awww, the poor little girl….I was expecting this as yourselves did of course? :) How can she keep up with going on all day? LOL! But oh, poor you Kpriss, OMG….:) Ah, one day she’s the star again and a well protected beauty, I assume she is, with three brothers!
Big Girls do cry too and yes I remember a girl who was once named Sherry…Sherry baby…Sherryyyyyy, Sherry baby won’t you come out tonight? ;)

You’re awesome Kpriss, a working mother with four “seasons” yourselves…thanks, for the lovely history of music and everything else. :*

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