Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Makeup Case For Holidays

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How is it that no other designer has overcome her/his fashinfluence and turned it into magic, fascination and more like Tom Ford? Women of the world seem to be under a spell when it comes to what Tom Ford did or said! Aren’t you?

Please note that this Christmas you’ll have the special opportunity to be blessed with something Tom Ford did/put his label on for just $140! A special Black Orchid makeup case which contains a magically red nail polish also. It’s not the most original shade, nor the most unseen recipient design, however, women of the world already dream of this new Tom Ford fashdoing available through Neiman Marcus and Saks starting this very month throughout December. Aren’t you mesmerized by the new Tom Ford Black Orchid nail polish? (via)

Tom Ford Black Orchid makeup Nail Polish

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