Airbag Collar For Safe Cycling

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Now with all that couture vibe in bicycling, I feel there’s something – cycling to say every day… Like all things fashion, this will surely fade also, but for the moment, let’s enjoy this environmental – friendly pretext from the Haute Houses of the world.

A couple of Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have designed and developed a special kind of helmet: the Hovding helmet for cycling beauties. Safe beauties, that is! Because the $360 Hovding helmet functions just like an airbag collar: it looks like a scarf but it inflates in 0,1 seconds when accelerometers and gyro – meters inside detect sudden jolt. Would you rather wear a classic, traditional helmet or the futurist Hovding? (Hovding via)

Hovding cycling inflatable helmet

Hovding inflatable helmet

Hovding cycling futurist inflatable helmet


#1 Ellington on 10.27.10 at 9:17 am

Very interesting but what if you area already wearing a helmet? How does it go over that?
And not all bike accidents involve being hit by a car, it could be something as simple as going over a bump, or a branch, rock or trying to avoid someone or something?
Does it react to those circumstances?
I think that I prefer the traditional helmet, and the Paul Smith one is rather nifty! :)

#2 Adriana on 10.29.10 at 5:09 am

I prefer no helmet at all. I’m Dutch. :D

#3 jamesskaar on 08.18.12 at 1:37 pm

ellington, looks like it’s set up so that it activates when it detects high rotation speeds and sudden velocity changes. for regular riding, when you look at a rider, their head stays on a relatively stable curve, the bike can go all over the place. even when bumps are hit, the head will move off that curve very little, buffered by the suspension inherent in bike wheels and spine.
at the neck, where this is mounted, nearly all the forces are going to be down, through the frame, i wonder how it reacts to the force going away. it may not be very useful to a vert ramp user. it also might be a question about how hard someone can pump, if it moves the shoulders a lot.

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