Wonderbra’s New 3D Ad Billboard

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I’m an old fashion girl through and through but I love me some high tech immersions from time to time. I wouldn’t mind having some of last minute’s gadgets in my very own household. To have. And to hold. And to treasure and use whenever I wish. Wouldn’t you?

Now please help me solve this dilemma: do the people of the big cities have a special 3D viewing enhancement? Like some permanent thing or accessory they could use or switch to when needed? Because I can’t see the point of this squeaky brand new Wonderbra billboard that has been mounted near London’s Waterloo Station. Looks great, very much Wonderbra (featuring Brazilian model Sabraine Banado) and very much 3D.

If I look at it from the 2D perspective, am I deprived of some advertorial qualities that’ll make my world twist and turn under the Wonderbra spin effect?

Wonderbra 3D new Ad Campaign large

installing 3D wonderba poster in London

The concept itself, although you may hear it advertised as new, revolutionary, all-round innovative, is actually quite old by Wonderba’s advertising standards. It was signaled in South Africa back in 1997 and even in Singapore in 2007. Although it is the same brand and, basically, the same product (give or take a couple of years of textile technology and plunge depth), each of the three campaigns was developed by a different agency.

previous 3D Wonderbra campaigns

Wonderbra played the 3D advertising card before in 1997, South Africa (left) and 2007, Singapore (right)

Wonderbra 3D poster fun

In 1997 it was TBWA Hunt Lascaris and itreceived the highest recognition at the Cannes Lions International creativity festival which highlights the best in advertising. In 2007, Saatchi & Saatchi took care of business while iris was responsible for the ‘first ever 3D billboard’ in the UK. (the next year, another Wonderbra campaign, also signed iris, was inviting people to rope jump as if they were taking a plunge in a Wonderbra, next to one of their posters).

models launching Wonderbra 3D billboard

Three lovely models were engaged in the launch of this new billboard and they posed with the very amused crowd, underneath the ad in question. All in keeping their 3D glasses on, of course, as I imagine it offered an extra layer in London’s chilly September weather.

Elle Dible Natalie Brown Louise Dainton helped launch Wonderbra 3D poster

models with special shaped 3D glasses launch wonderbra Billboard

(from left to right) Elle Dible, Natalie Brown, Louise Dainton helped launch the new 3D Billboard for Wonderbra


#1 Adriana on 09.15.10 at 7:07 am

Argh, I love my cellphone as much as everyone but I hate all those texting and screaming people living in their own territory not aware anymore they’ve to share it with fellow human beings. So now I’ve to wear 3D specs too on the streets? Isn’t this dangerous in a car when males are distracted? Or people that peddle texting et all on their bikes with these specs? :rollseyes:

#2 Ellington on 09.15.10 at 10:23 am

Is this not a copy of the ad they had/did in the UK “The Hello Boys”? That one caused accidents apparently.
I am not a big fan of 3-D as they make me nauseous just looking at them.

Now they say the are going to come out with a 3-D Playboy.
Just what the world needs.

#3 Adriana on 09.16.10 at 1:40 am

LOL! Ellington, I get nauseous from 3D too. A 3D Playboy? And 3D tv is coming up….sighs….or am I just ‘old’?

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