Have You Heard About The Nailympics?

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Well you should have! It’s really worth a look! (at least) The Nailympics 2010 is actually the sixth edition of this respectable event, part of the Olympia Beauty Show (19 – 20 September, London’s Earls Court) dealing with, biensur, nails!

The fake nails Olympics gathers contestants from 24 countries fighting for the trophy of the best fake nail art. And I thought I was a maniac with my French manicure once a week! Clearly I have no real notion on what sacrifices need to be made in the name of art – I still do my dishes a hundred times a week and oh – so many other daily chores that would get me on the housechoresolympics entry list but not anywhere in the proximity of the Nailympics! Oh, the Gods are so unfair! I want to grow little birds on my nails too! (OB via NL)

Fake nails Olympics Nailympics

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