S. Pellegrino By Missoni Limited Edition Bottles

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Remember I was talking about Missoni redesigning Converse shoes for almost two seasons now? Well it’s about time we step up the shoes game and enter the art corridor as I’m about to present you a very special collaboration.

S. Pellegrino, the famed bottled water said to have been sampled and analyzed by the one and only Leonardo di Caprio, ahem da Vinci in 1935 has collaborated with Missoni for a special edition bottle, part of the Italian Talents project. No, the bottle does not have a zig – zag shape but a zig-zag-ed label and it comes with a Missoni signature knit pouch. That’s what makes this bottle interesting, after all. So basically all you need is that special knit sock, pulled on any kind of S.Pellegrino bottle and you have yourself a shelf bottle to make the envy of your fashionable friends! Simple, eh? (>FW via BoJ)

S Pellegrino Missoni Bottle

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