Gabourey, Megan, Lauren, Amanda Cover Elle October 2010

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I told you there was going to be more than one magazine outrage of the day, did I not? After seeing a Julianne Moore –like Drew Barrymore on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, let’s get into some Precious Elle time!

Elle Magazine
celebrates its 25th anniversary with a multiple covers issue. From Megan Fox to Gabourey Sidibe, Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried, there’s a little something for every taste. However, we wouldn’t have a proper celebration if we were spared of a good Photoshop shower to wake us all up to the harsh commercial reality. Do hit the jump and see what’s all the fuss about!

Elle 25 anniversary covers Gabby Megan Amanda Lauren

We’re used to seeing Megan Fox on the cover of a magazine, there’s no surprise there. Lauren Conrad pulls a lovely smile for a pretty cover (I imagine they cut and pasted her head on another outfit, she couldn’t possible have worn that and smile, could she?). Amanda Seyfried, such a lovely young lady, looks like one of those bubble-head dolls (let’s say it’s the hairstyling and not the photoshop-styling).

Gabourey Sidibe Lauren Conrad Elle October 2010

Now saving the best for last: Precious Gabourey Sidibe. What a lovely smile and what a quarrel it has spawned! Do you notice something strange going on with this cover? Like, maybe that it’s the only one from all four that’s not a body – shot? A close – up, you’ll say, highlights Gabby’s wonderful smile the best. Right. How about her usually darker complexion? What happened to that? You’ll say that we’ve seen this happening to Beyonce before and if Queen Bee can do it, Gabby can to, like? Now you may be getting away with saying that, however, the matter is not to be treated lightheartedly. There’s too much going on when we’re dealing with a Black cover and a Black star. And this time it’s not the usual Photoshop skin smoothing or body snatching (like Drew – lianne’s). It’s a typical case of let’s make it whiter and lighter and people will most definitely buy that instead of the real thing. Well, we’ve got news for you, Elle people! We love Gabby just the way she is and we would have loved her in a normal body shot, in all her dark splendor! (yes, yes, I’m aware that studio lightning will be held responsible in this case, I wonder, though, what you’ll come up with to justify her cropped upper body cover shot!) (Elle via)

Amanda Seyfried Megan Fox Elle October 2010


#1 Adriana on 09.20.10 at 12:05 pm

I don’t believe that’s reason. Because everybody knows Gabourey Sidibe has a darker skin. The people that like her will buy this issue nonetheless. They just photoshop anything and everyone to look “perfect”.
I’m worried more that she’s Precious forever and shall not get more serious or/and important parts as an actress. Or just type casted. Now that must be hard on her and unfair….

#2 cc on 09.20.10 at 8:05 pm

I think Beth Ditto was the last overweight caucasian star I saw on a mag cover. However – it was definitely NOT a fashion mag like this one. Why can we celebrate an obese black woman in a magazine like Elle but not an obese white woman? It feels strange to phrase the question this way – it sounds rather too simplistic and blunt but, there it is. I recall Sophie Dahl being celebrated for her bigger size back in the day but that was quite a while ago and a one-off.

#3 kpriss on 09.20.10 at 8:40 pm

Precious comes almost like an addition to her name. I think it suits her. However, her part was far from being easy or light – she’s a born actress and I think, if given the chance, she’ll fully prove her innate talent!

Now about the over – weight issue – I strongly believe that highlighting that is just as bad as showing a very skinny girl on the cover of a magazine. Both sides of the same coin. If ever that would have been the (only) cause for putting Gabby on the cover, it would be far worse than highlighting her skin or anything remotely skin – deep similar. However, it’s pretty obvious they used an angle shot to thin her as much as possible. It’s like posing the leaning Tower of Pisa and then photoshopping it to look straight. Altering reality is insulting for both those who do it and those who accept it as real.

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