Fiercest Shoes Of The Season Chau Har Lee’s Platforms

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Now this is one fine day to take a walk down Fierce Alley and admire the novelties! After Lady Gaga’s cover, you thought it doesn’t get any better, didn’t you?

Say hello to Chau Har Lee’s shoes! Somewhere between metal art land and the stiletto jungle, there was just enough space for these to be spawned! Half Battlestar Gallactica (the concrete city edition), half artistically challenged creation, the new platforms will be ready to meet the world at Selfridges. However, don’t celebrate too soon! One pair sold, doesn’t take the menace away, you can check out Chau Har Lee’s website for more heels challenges! (via)

Chau Har Lee metal heel platforms

Chau Har Lee metal heel platforms detail

Chau Har Lee metal heels detail


#1 Nicola on 09.08.10 at 9:29 am

I can only imagine the blisters the top of that metal heel will give. Sometimes fashion is not worth it.

#2 Ellington on 09.09.10 at 12:46 pm

Someone is going to think these shoes a marvel and a fashion dream, but I will tell you now that someone is not me. :P

#3 Gina on 09.30.15 at 9:39 pm

Can’t wait to buy a pair. These heels could be lethal for anything I step on .

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