Eyelashes For Your Car. Why Not?

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When everyone and their respective dogs wears extensions nowadays, fake eyelashes and mirror fake eyelashes (or worse, flies legs eyelashes), why would car lashes sound / look surprising?

A BMW with sparkling liner and lashes around its headlights? Nothing more normal, the prettiest add on by far! Not. I personally think it’s a fun thing, it could do the trick for a girl – car, regardless how strange it actually is. Now if they would have came up with a mascara for those car lashes, I would have looked at things from a completely different perspective, but for now they do represent an interesting idea for some girls I know. And their cars, biensur! Would you use car lashes? Do you know anyone who would? (why?) (Car Lashes via)

car lashes


#1 Ellington on 09.06.10 at 12:38 pm

I’ll tell you why not… because it makes your car look like a clown car, that’s why.

#2 Astrid on 09.07.10 at 9:15 am

I’d stick a pair on there as a joke and see who takes it seriously! They’re tacky but wouldn’t it be great if you snuck a pair on your husband’s car before going to work?

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