Quick Animation Moment The Monk And The Monkey

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Now let’s take a moment and breathe. That bad case of the Mondays is off now, you’re already a step closer to the weekend. Also it’s the last day of August. Let’s celebrate!

Let’s have an animation shortie to lighten up the spirits and the atmosphere. (I sure need a good dose of animation to make up for all that screaming scaring Fashion’s Night Out PSA!). So – it’s about The Monk & The Monkey, fresh right out of the Ringling College of Art And Design, straight from the hands of Brendan Caroll and Francesco Giroldini. Is there something wrong with my inner fashionista if I’d rather look at this video instead of falling prey to the invasive “shop – shop – shop” FNO mantra? (via)

The Monk & The Monkey from Brendan Carroll on Vimeo.

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