Have You Seen The Cool And The Bag Bags?

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What you’re about to experience is called Dan Hillier for Cool and the Bag totes. It’s a visual treat, beyond the practical and the fashionable simpleness of a white canvas tote.

It’s the perfect bag for street fashionistas all over the world. It’s the perfect aesthetic statement against all those violently luxurious brands out there (who, by the way, announced substantial increases in revenue for the past financial exercise due to Asian markets, mostly). I love the bags, I love the name, I love this graphic series by Dan Hillier. How about you? (Cool and the Bag via viacomit)

Cool and the Bag graphic bags

Cool and the Bag totes

Cool and the Bag octopus bag

Cool and the Bag lady octopus bag

Cool and the Bag graphic bag

Cool and the Bag skull bag

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