Britney Spears Murakami POP Fall Winter 2010

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This will be the talk of the week, I’m telling you! Britney Spears hasn’t covered a magazine for quite awhile and she managed a decent existence away from the tabloids unforgiving eyes.

It’s quite a Pop character, Britney, Dasha Zhukova’s choice was far from being an uninspired one. Actually, in terms of commercial turnover, Britney is very liable (her Candy’s collection is a bestseller) so whatever they do, even a Takashi Murakami makeover, Britpop will sell. It’s the tragedy, people are drawn to it like butterflies towards the pop flame. Take that, add the Rodarte wedding dress she’s wearing, her way of looking up to you from the cover and you’ve got yourself an entire psy – picture to work on for days in a row. (hit the jump to see larger images!)

Britney Spears Pop fall 2010 covers

Actually, Murakami didn’t reinvent Britney, he just took her and revealed her true Manga queen nature. This is one self – sufficient cover – it stands on its on, without needing an inside pictorial to help out explain what the editor wanted, what the stylists imagined. Britney Spears doesn’t even need her music to make people feel her. All they need is take a look at her sad expression, remember her tragic fall and they instantly melt down for BritPop. Don’t you? (photos via)

Britney Spears Pop fall 2010 swimsuit cover

Britney Spears Pop fall 2010 bride cover


#1 Forrest Griffin rules on 08.26.10 at 7:44 pm

It’s Taylor Momsen! haha

#2 Adriana on 08.30.10 at 7:33 am

Very Courtney Love I would say. Does Britney still makes music?

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