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Murakami Versailles, The Book
Remember when I told you I loved different perspectives of the same thing? Changing the common way we’re used to look around us is something... Read More

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Pharrell Williams’ Home
How does your dream home look like? Two days now I keep daydreaming about a sofa that’s as “cheap” as a car so it comes... Read More

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Britney Spears Murakami POP Fall Winter 2010
This will be the talk of the week, I’m telling you! Britney Spears hasn’t covered a magazine for quite awhile and she managed a decent... Read More

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Kirsten Dunst Is Turning Japanese For A Video With Takashi Murakami
Remember that strange manga outfit on Kirsten Dunst a while back? And remember we said it was for some kind of shooting? Well, it turns... Read More

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Takashi Murakami And Louis Vuitton Celebrating With Superflat First Love
Special collaborations call for special celebrations! Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton fete six years of fruitful collaboration. A special movie was made: the Superflat First... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Sells Murakami Handbags Fabric As Art
Normally, it’s LVMH the one who’s suing around, but something has changed. Louis Vuitton was sued by Clint Arthur, an art collector who bought limited-edition... Read More

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Takashi Murakami Does Levi’s Fenom!
If you missed a little Murakami to bright up your days, here’s the new product featuring Takashi Murakami’s unmistakable signature drawings: Levi’s Fenom! Yes, it’s... Read More

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Oh, that Monogramouflage!
And it’s officially out! The new Monogramouflage from Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami looks like this. Have to say I’d expected something little less on... Read More

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