And Photoshop Created The Distorted Woman

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Have you seen the latest in airbrushed ad campaigns? It comes from Ann Taylor and it looks like the one below (the untouched photo at left and the after-photoshop image at right).

There’s really nothing wrong in smoothing the skin a bit, hiding the blemishes, adding a bit of luminosity here, enhancing the shade there. However, there’s something seriously wrong with those who choose to distort the very physical appearance of a woman’s body for advertorial purposes (or whatever purposes). I read an interview with Erin Wasson the other day saying that the fashion industry is run by gay men who don’t fully understand women. How about photoretouching departments? Are they run by blind men/women who have no real representation of the human physical proportions? (Jezebel via nymag)

Ann Taylor Photoshopped ad before and after

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