Lipstick Traces – Alberto Guardiani Heels Of Lipstick

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I love all kinds of gadgets and, above all, I treasure versatility: in my wardrobe, in my house. However, when it comes to these lipstick heels (as illustrated below by Alberto Guardiani’s shoes), I’m really not feeling the fashion thrill.

If you do like these lipstick pumps and worry about the right outfit match then know that the lipsticks are interchangeable. Meaning if you’re not feeling the red heel, you can put on a nude to vary. Still, are Alberto Guardiani’s lipstick heels hot or flop? (Alberto Guardiani via 2bd)

Alberto Guardiani Heels of Lipstick

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels shoes


#1 jaquie williams on 09.24.10 at 3:35 am

hi can you tell me where I can buy a pair of the lipstick heeled shoes

#2 LORI LIEVONEN on 11.18.10 at 6:57 am

I am also interested in these lipstick high heels. Where can I buy them? I am in Florida USA.

#3 Latifa on 05.01.11 at 1:24 pm

Hello dear,

the shoes is so adorable!! i want to get one, where i can find it?? and how much is it?
i’m in the USA

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