Goyard History Book In Goyard Custom Trunk

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While I was sitting here, starring at Paris Hilton’s busy case picture, I told myself there wasn’t a thing in the world Louis Vuitton hadn’t had/made/sold to reinforce their brand. And then pop! There goes Goyard!

Goyard, the exclusive Parisian luggage maker is going highly exclusive with a very limited edition of both books and trunks to highlight the history of the house. 233 numbered books will be available, each and every one locked in a trunk almost entirely customizable. Upon rendez-vous, the customer can choose the color of the canvas and designate the wanted initials and stripes to decorate his/hers Goyard case with. The book is an artifact in itself as it has been printed on custom made paper with Goyard’s own watermarks, courtesy of the Devambez publishing house. So, what’s your next move, LV? (via)

The Goyard book custom Goyard trunk

The Goyard book trunk

The Goyard book

The Goyard book pages

The Goyard book images

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#1 Nat on 07.07.10 at 6:59 am

This is so beautiful.

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