Clothes Lamps

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Have you ever considered placing your clothesline on your walls and make an illumination installation out of them? Someone did! An Italian architect and designer (Gaetano Pescesounds familiar? Think Melissa…) performed this rather unique installation for a restaurant.

Located in Florence, Il Cestello is the place where you’ll find clothes (which have been coated with a resin layer) pinned to a stainless steel rail lighting the night away. I’m impressed. But not as impressed as I should’ve been before reading the price tag: $6,250. Anyway, this is a lesson for anything standing in the way of your inspiration! Want to throw a party and you don’t have the right backyard lamps? How about some clothes to wash and hang here and there? (wright via psfk)

Clothes lamps Gaetano Pesce

Hanging Clothes lamps Gaetano Pesce

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#1 Adriana on 07.07.10 at 7:23 am

Oh, that’s fun! Isn’t it dangerous due to overheat? It’s so lovely for my (ahem) “walk-in-closet”.

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