Stylish Interiors With Octopus Chandeliers By Adam Wallacavage

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At first my attention was irreversibly caught by the pearlicious Fenicologia chandelier, fruit of a special collaboration between Adam Wallacavage and Tarina Tarantino. Then there was more! An entire series of Octopus Chandeliers for your walls pleasure ready to creep out your guests.

I have a friend who’s seriously touched by arachnophobia and I hope she’s not seeing these. It can be tricky for someone who has issues with multi-legged creatures. However, if your curiosity was stirred and you’re reaching for more, hit the jump, the story continues right after the break. (click here for the gallery!)

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers Fenicologia

With fancy names like Dixie LaRue, Miss Fede, Venus in Furs, Cicciolina or even Nina Simone and electric colors, Adam Wallacavage’s Octopus chandeliers look dressed for success. I’m sure we’ll find these fine pieces of nature imitating art in some fancy mansions somewhere, we just have to keep looking up, starring at artsy ceilings. Would you bring one of these in your house? (Adam Wallacavage via Craftzine)

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers details

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers 1 Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers 2 Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers 3


#1 Adriana on 05.10.10 at 8:16 am

I love those. I would like a black or warm red one in the toilet. Ah, they don’t need to be very fancy. These are around in “cheaper” versions. And just as nice as these are.
The smallest room in the house can be changed easily and often right? I to do that regularly. I’ve fun to creep people out a bit when they visit the toilet. :)

#2 Ellington on 05.16.10 at 12:51 pm

Adriana your washroom must be a treat to visit! :)
I like the purple one it is rather funky. :)

#3 Adriana on 05.17.10 at 8:06 am

Sometimes it’s so confusing: we Dutch say WC (water closet?) or toilet just as the French. Then there’s “bathroom” and now “washroom”? Is that what they say in Canada?

I’ve been also told that when I speak English I pronounce some words in English and others in American. With a Dutch accent.
We had Irish friends in the UK we socialized with all the time. One day the local pub owner asked from which part of Ireland I was! LOL! Plus I’m a ginger……:D

#4 Ellington on 05.17.10 at 1:59 pm

I have heard the expression Water Closet. Some of my European friends would use it and I rather like it myself.
When I was living in England the British would say toilet and to tell you the truth I was rather put off by that as the toilet is what is in there and I really did not need to hear them say that “I am off to the toilet.” it was like too much information. : )
In Canada I was taught to say washroom for a WC that has only a toilet and sink and bathroom for one that has the toilet,sink, tub and or shower. It is all different everywhere I guess and as long as it is clean and works then I am happy! :)

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