Pink Jewelled Socks By Vivienne Westwood Man

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We’ve talked about socks and sandals a couple of times before. Looking back now (especially in Father’s Day perspective), it was pretty unfair since every single time, it was about women socks. Not once about men socks. Sure, it’s a far lesser impressive subject: men socks. But not anymore. Behold! Dame Vivienne Westwood is bringing the salt and pepper in the world of men socks!

Pink jeweled socks with red and brown tassels is a flamboyant piece of men fashion, not easy to digest by the wide audience. Part of the Fall Winter 2010 collection, Dame Viv’s highly decorated and elaborated men socks look fit for extravagant men only. Do you know any who’d wear them? (via)

Vivienne Westwood Pink Socks for men

Vivienne Westwood Pink jewelled Socks for men

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