Mono.Kultur 23, The Perfumed Issue

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The other day, I was asking myself what is the concentration of magazine – mainstream-ness in my artistic self. And I was puzzled by the question, since it involves an important number of criteria to take into consideration.

Today it’s time for yet another episode of my mainstream or not quest. Going through the fashinterwebs, I discovered there was a very special magazine issue being launched: Mono.kultur #23. It’s a German magazine and they usually dedicate an entire issue to one single artist. And this time they went for Sissel Tolaas. Sissel Tolaas is a Norwegian scent scientist. Hence, Mono.kultur dedicated their entire issue to scents. Without printing a single word or image, the magazine has used the microencapsulating technique and basically printed the perfume in the magazine’s pages. The “reader” can release the scent by simply, classically rubbing the page. Pretty interesting, huh? Especially since we’re not talking scents as in perfumes. More as in “odors”. Wouldn’t that be some magazine issue to have? (via, you can read more about Mono.Kultur on their website, here)

Mono Kultur perfumed issue 23 Sissel Tolaas

Mono Kultur perfumed issue 23

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