Photoshop For Skinny Girls: Hide Away Their Bones

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Now here’s a piece of information you rarely find on the interwebs of fashion. Because it’s just as taboo-ish as talking about eating disorders and anorexia in a fashionable way.

And yet, here’s what I found out: Photoshop is not only used to slim down a person. Oh, no, my darlings! It’s also used for already skinny persons. To camouflage their bones away, to round up their edgier angles. And as disgusting as it may sound, it only points more in the obvious direction: we live in the Matrix. Everything we see and hear in the media is constantly manipulated and concealed so we would continue our conscience’s beauty sleep. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Inna Pilipenko Ashley MK Olsen The Row Collection

There’s hardly any “normal” in today’s magazines, in today’s fashindustry. The subversive altering of the human (body) image is stubbornly shoved up our perception’s throat, disturbingly faking the world. Yes, people can be very skinny. Naturally. Yes, people can be very curvy. Naturally. And oh-so-many things in-between. (and by natural I mean without strains or ED) Fashion is ridiculously shallow and disgraceful when trying to convince us that skinny is good or the boneless skinny really exists.

Inna Pilipenko Ashley Mary Kate Olsen The Row

We already have few generations growing under the airbrushing spell, looking up to celebrities like they were Gods, perfection incarnated, the flawless humans. Who should be held responsible then? The society who constantly pushes the young ones into blindly believing anything and everything they see and hear in the media? Or every single one of us for not doing the necessary and educating the youngsters in having faith in what they see and feel through their own experience? Why forgetting to teach them the real values when facing a Marc Jacobs or any other fashrelated topic? (the pictures included in this article show Inna Pilipenko, a young model, wearing The Row by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, pictures which are supposedly non-photoshopped, via)

Inna Pilipenko Ashley Mary Kate Olsen The Row Collection


#1 Dee on 06.10.10 at 3:57 am

Where did they find this horribly anorexic looking model?

#2 Adriana on 06.10.10 at 6:22 am

That girl still looks scary photoshop or not. I begin to fail to understand why this is allowed anyway? It’s an attack on young people’s life to let them go so far for beauty? Wheres the beauty in this? It’s attempted murder!!!

#3 Ellington on 06.10.10 at 10:54 am

This is sad to look at and sad to know about.
Anorexia is a terrible disease that affects both women and men and it should not be glorified or swept under the carpet per se as a fashion statement.
This just makes me see even clearer that a lot of the jagweeds who say that being really thin is the best way to be have not got a braincell to share between the lot of them. :(

#4 NaturallyThin on 07.27.10 at 3:49 am

As a naturally thin woman, I am outraged that people automatically think that if you are as thin as the model, you are anorexic. Here a tid bit of info I will privy you to from a thin girl’s own mouth:

Some of us eat, eat and eat and gain nothing, nothing, nothing. It is a fact and nothing some of us can do to change it.

The same way you are “disgusted” by overweight people, you are say you are over naturally thin. It can be just as hard to gain as it to lose.

You cannot tell naturally thin from anorexic, so why don’t you keep the hurtful comments to yourself?

No, the goal is not make society accept that my size is THE size, but to make society accept that we come in all NATURAL shapes and sizes. It is only those who purposely augment their weight who need to be helped.

#5 Adriana on 07.27.10 at 8:54 am

NaturallyThin: I’m also natural thin but I can assure you on my chest there ain’t no bones showing and my legs are thin but definitely doesn’t look like sticks as I see here. They have a shape.
I know how hard it is to gain weight. I can eat whatever, whenever I want and sometimes when I had too much food I feel bloated and I’ve a bit of a ‘belly’.
I had a girlfriend who suffered from anorexia/bulimia. Thank God she’s cured and healthy these days. But our thinness looked very different! She had also sad, hollow eyes etc. And as with this girl her head looked to big while mine looked at place. There’s the difference.
I see here a girl with a problem.

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