Heidi Klum And Seal Walk In The City

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Now that’s a sight I love! People carrying about each other, even after all this time. Love works quite a magic on me. Seal and Heidi look so happy together, so in love, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of starring at the two of them pictured walking hand in hand (ok, arm in arm) in the city, like any other normal couple does.

With their children leading the pack, the Klum Samuels are my picture of happiness for today. Normal, happy people! Hurray to that! I’ll take this one and frame it, hang it next to the Garner Afflecks (ok, maybe Lopez – Anthonys, if she gives up her Diva-ness). They can’t go wrong, can they? (who else have we to hand on that happiness wall?) (photos via)

Heidi Klum Seal Walk in the city

Heidi Klum Seal Walk in the city with the kids

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