Tina And Ike Turner Proud Mary

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It’s been quite a month here on Stylefrizz! And I’m happy you’re with me, as always for the good and the bad, though we’re always aiming at the best here! We’re proud to announce that our hosting issues have finally been resolved (due to some magic performed by my Adored Husband, as always) and we’re back in full power (I’m sure you have been facing your share of troubles when trying to access our beloved Stylefrizz lately! Rocky couple of weeks, now it’s all behind us!)

Thank you for being here and spending these amazing weeks with me, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend as I know I do, knowing you’re here! Enjoy Tina and Ike Turner’s rendition of Proud Mary (find more info and more videos right after the jump!)

First wrote and composed by John Fogerty and recorded by/with his band – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969), Proud Mary was initiated by Fogerty’s memories about a domestic washerwoman. Going further into the orchestration, he started thinking about the Mississippi River and soon, Proud Mary ceased to be the original lady and became a boat. (some say the song is called Proud Mary because it was actually written on a steamboat called the “Mary Elizabeth”)

It was an instant hit for the band, reaching the first position in countless tops from many countries and being covered by numerous artists. Tina and Ike Turner’s 1971 rendition, however, is most notable amongst all “Proud Mary”s. And not just because of Tina’s exceptional vocal qualities or stage rage. Ike and Tina changed the structure of Creedence’s original song making it almost twice as long with a very slow first part (including a spoken word from Tina and backing bass vocals from Ike). And they made it feel and sound great – I love their version because of that change of rhythm.

Many artists (including Elvis) tried to put out their version of the Proud Mary but I only have ears for the original CCR and Tina and Ike’s ones. Let it be known that the very respectable Mr Spock sung Proud Mary as well as Beyonce, so you have a variety of covers to choose your favorite from! So which is which?


#1 Adriana on 05.15.10 at 2:58 pm

John Fogerty is great no doubts about that but Miss Tina gives that vibe you can climb the Himalaya if you want too. She rocks the song with soul and it’s such a marvelous combination.
*Bows for Tina Turner* :)

Beyonce did not a bad job, it’s visible she’s inspired by the great Tina. The audience was very funny to watch.
Thanks for posting Kpriss. :)

Have a great weekend y’all and “keep on rollin”…..;)

#2 Ellington on 05.16.10 at 11:09 am

I am a Tina chica all the way!
But yes you can see that Beyonce was influenced by Miss Turner. : )

Thanks ever so for posting this bit of fun Kpriss and I hope that your weekend and everyone else’s is stellar! :)

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