Lindsay Lohan’s New Chanel Tattoo Joins Older Ink

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And just when you thought there was just about enough drama going on, Lindsay Lohan pops up with yet another trouble in her life. This, however, is not meant to cast the stone or the flashlight on Lilo’s much (un)interesting life.

Lindsay Lohan has found time and peace in her soul to ink a new tattoo on her wrist. And not just any tattoo! Oh, no! It’s a sparkling bird carrying a chain with the legendary interlocked double C logo! Yes. It’s the Chanel logo tattooed on Lindsay’s skin! Somewhere, in the dark depths of LiLo’s personality, that Chanel bird must have a meaning, right? Or simply while in France…

Lindsay Lohan new Chanel tattoo

However, the confused young starlet who’s made more scandal press than movie-related press is known for her numerous tattoos, one more (in)significant than the next and clearly not the temporary kind, like the one above which was first seen in Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Chanel, Spring Summer 2010.

Chanel temporary tattoos swallows chains

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She has several stars on her wrists, a phrase in Italian on her lower back, left side ‘La Bella Vita’ (the beautiful life), a ‘shhhhh’ on her index finger and the number 7 on her neck but also countless words and lyrics inked here and there, everywhere on her body. Mainly quotes from famous women like ‘I leave before being left. I decide.’ by French actress Brigitte Bardot.

Lindsay Lohan Brigitte Bardot tattoo wrist stars

‘Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle’ as said by the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, the same person who said yet another famous phrase inked on LiLo’s wrist ‘I restore myself when I’m alone’.

Lindsay Lohan Tattoos Marilyn Monroe quotes

A line from Shakespeare’s To Be or Not to Be monologue under a triangle inside a triangle ‘What dreams may come’ (the exact complete quote is ‘For in that sleep or death, what dreams may come’. However, it’s not the only triangle on Lindsay’s tattoo repertoire as, as of October 2013, another red triangle joined the collection. The original seems to be from a self-help book ‘Personal Development for Smart People’ by Steve Pavlina and represents the principles for personal growth.

Lindsay Lohan ink all over her body

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Lindsay Lohan triangle tattoos

Two lyrics from Billy Joel song’s I go to extremes ‘Clear as a crystal ,sharp as a knife,/ I feel I’m in the prime of my life.’ On her right rib cage.

Lindsay Lohan tattoos lyrics and other random ink


#1 bla on 05.25.10 at 5:22 am

dont u think its one of those fake tattoos that came out for chanel???

#2 fashion on 12.16.11 at 11:28 pm

seriously you guys are stupid these are temporary tattoos for Chanel, you should know that since your a “style” site.

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