Madeleine Peyroux La Javanaise

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I told you I was going to make up for it! Madeleine Peyroux is one of the most treasured artists in our household! If you ever feel curious about it, please try “Half the perfect world”. It’s a wonderful album from a wonderful voice – Madeleine Peyroux.

If I would have it in my power to change something to the world, I would add a tiny, itsy bitsy Starbucks in every town. Everywhere in the world. Yesterday we had a kids half-day off. And me and my Adored Husband we walked and we talked and later we stopped for a cup of Starbucks.

And while I was peacefully sipping on my Starbucks cup, Madeleine Peyroux’ rendition of the famous “La Javanaise” was playing in the café. I wanted to share that sea of calm from our kids-half-day-off. A consommer without moderation! Just close your eyes and (sip on that Starbucks of your choice with me)! I’m a simple girl, and I like simple things… Spending a half day en amoureux with your husband and then top it with good music and a comforting beverage. Some things in life are so beautiful and so simple! (more right after the jump!)

Though it may seem like it, I’m not a big fan of Serge Gainsbourg. Clearly the man was unarguably an artistic genius. His “Javanaise” was written in the early 60s and performed both by him and by Juliette Greco (for whom it is believed the song was originally written). Maybe we’ll get back to Monsieur Gainsbourg another time, today I just wanted it to be about introducing Madeleine Peyroux and the simple pleasures in (my) life. (and yes, we’ll get back to Madeleine one of these Fridays, I’m sure of it! that if you want to, of course!)

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