Fashion Designers In Cartoon Motion

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There’s so much to say about the highly esteemed fashion designers who make the catwalks these days. Fashion talk, wisdom talk, fancy poses, stylish walks. But this tops them all!

A special cartooned feature was published in Elle Spain, the April 2010 issue. Drawings by Ulrich Schröder with famous characters such as Karl Lagerfeld (as Haute Couture’s Big Bad Wolf), Donatella Versace (as Daisy), Jean Paul Gaultier (as Donald Duck with a Breton top), Marc Jacobs (Donald Duck again, only this time wearing a skirt), Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (as Mickey Mouse and Pluto, wearing flip flops and pensively sketching) and so much more! What to say about the crowd cheering from the First Row (and more)? All of Disney’s (and Pixar’s) characters have gathered round to see their favorite designers! Now this is some fashion magazine feature! Bravo, Elle Espana! (Ellington, remember when you said the Kaiser was a cartoon for you?) (more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!) (photos via)

Karl Lagerfeld Ulrich Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010

Donatella Versace Ulrich Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010

Marc Jacobs Ulrich Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010

Dolce Gabbana Ulrich Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010

Sonia Nathalie Rykiel Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010 John Galliano Cartoons Elle Spain April 2010


#1 Ellington on 04.23.10 at 9:17 am

This way cute making the designers Disneyesque. : )
The designers are already cartoons in their own way.
I will say this though Donatella has NEVER looked so good! ;)

#2 Adriana on 04.26.10 at 6:18 am

LOL! I love these. Fashion and so designers has become somewhat cartoonish……oops…..
I’m gonna print these for my pinboard. It needs to be refreshed. :D

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