I Am Agyness Deyn For Barneys Japan 2010 Clothing Collection

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What was I saying a while back? That I was grateful for Agyness Deyn not taking the collections path. Just yet. I was a bit off with that since Agyness was indeed bitten by the designing bug and there it goes: I AM by Agyness Deyn for Barneys Green, the clothing collection for Barneys Japan.

Why she went as far as Japan, it’s still unclear. However, the Barneys Green collection is an eco line with profits going to planting trees in Mongolia. As a matter of fact, today, March 5, 2010 there will be a new Barneys store opening in Kobe and that’s where the above mentioned collection will first be available. After the big opening, Agyness’ collection will be also available in Barneys Shinjuku starting March 13th. Judging by the look of Miss Deyn’s designs, she still has a long way until reaching the Moss-state of design. Wouldn’t you say? (WWD, BJ via TF)

I am by Agyness Deyn Barneys Green

I am by Agyness Deyn Barneys Green collection

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#1 Adriana on 03.06.10 at 10:18 am

Where can I donate some money for desolate but wonderful Mongolia? I’ve to look that up.
I don’t see much profits coming from this collection or Japan must be very Agyness minded?

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