The Perfect Carpet For Your Walk In Closet! And More

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Forget the classics, get ready for the new wire hangers carpet! Aesthetically surprising and over talented Bev Hisey’s Mommy Dearest wool carpet not only is masterfully hand-knotted but it’s also breathtakingly wardrobe-suitable!

However, if you think you’d be frog-jumping on the carpet to avoid the wire hangers, that’s how realistic it looks to you (though I promise, the description says knotted-in silk hangers!), you might consider other equally gorgeous designs, all signed Bev Hisey! (check them out right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Hangers Carpet Bev Hisey

Camouflage is big right now, just ask Marc Jacobs! The In the Wood series, also hand knotted, looks bright enough to keep people staring at your floors, and original enough to rank you as a high home hipster!

Night Camouflage carpet Bev Hisey

Camouflage carpet Bev Hisey

Red Camouflage carpet Bev Hisey

The Dirty Dishes carpet series is amazing! It brings together mundane and brilliant crafted design in an almost unrecognizable shape! More appalling the virus, more appealing the design!

Dishes carpets Bev Hisey

If you’re into headaches, the Hand Tufted carpet series is the one to consider for your migraine inducing floors! The melon, anise, fishnet, worm patterns come right our of your visual cortex nightmares! (via; you can see more from Bev Hisey here)

Anise Carpet Bev Hisey

Melon Fishnet carpets Bev Hisey

Dishes carpet Bev Hisey 1 Dishes carpet Bev Hisey 2 Dishes carpet Bev Hisey 3

Dishes carpet Bev Hisey 4 Melon carpet Bev Hisey worms carpet Bev Hisey

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#1 Ellington on 02.18.10 at 6:54 pm

Love these magic carpets! They would mos def add a bit of pizzazz to any room! : )

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