The Fake Sartorialist

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We’ve seen The Fake Karl. Now let’s check out The Fake Sartorialist! It looks good, feels good, it’s an original fake! I think I’ll have to squeeze in a tiny, upgradable, neuronal area for Fake Someone appearance. More will come, I’m sure!

Now coming down to the morality of faking, I fear it’s not the smartest, brightest novelty in town, but whatever works. After all, they’re all hitting for the spotlight, right? (you can see what The Fake Sartorialist is up to here)

The Fake Sartorialist


#1 Ellington on 02.18.10 at 7:06 pm

I think that I mos def prefer this Satorialist to the real one.
Say Kpriss did you hear about the snark and the hate that the fashion folks in New York are now hurling a wee Tavi? They do not like the idea of a 14 year old doing what they are doing in terms of reporting a pov in regards to the latest trends and styles. I find the fact that they all hopped onto the Tavi love wagon last year but now that she is getting attention is being seated in the front row of shows they are now all crying foul!
One editor from the British Grazie magazine took a photo of Tavi to complain that her big bow was blocking her view… fair enough but would said editor still have whinged about the big bow if say Anna Wintour (not that she would ever, but that is a moot point) or even better the late Clara Bow had been in the front wearing the offending big bow?
Some how I don’t think so.
All I can say is go Tavi, make them quake! ; )

#2 kpriss on 02.19.10 at 7:02 am

They all jumped in the bloggers hugging wagon last year! It was pretty new and dazzling for everyone – fresh blood ;) . What they wasn’t expecting was a second year of first row bloggers. All those respectable fashion editors worked so long and so hard (some of them) to get where they are now and here comes Tavi with her so-called style and messes everyone’s first row plans! (Tavi and so many others! It’s really hard to find a coveted fashblogger above 25. They’re all raging in the 13-25. Pretty scary, I must admit, though stereotypical for the fashindustry.)

So it seems there’s a veritable war going on between old school and new school in fashion editors. Bloggers are editors too, right? Every one of those embracing the new it bloggers see something profitable in befriending those fashmesmerized souls! Thus the so-called independent blogging gets influenced, hence loses the its very essence.

Bottom line I don’t think there any difference between old school and new school editors. as long as everyone will be on the front row (like Marc Jacobs did few seasons back, remember?), peace will reign! So I militate for a structural change in building them catwalks! First row only! like an endless rattlesnake, the first row editors will muse their knowing and cast their prosaic spells in each fashion report. Quality makes the difference, not the age or the field experience, not the background nor the head bow ;)

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