Emma Watson, Alex Watson’s Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

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Burberry goes with Emma Watson for the Spring Summer 2010 season! Wait, there’s more! Emma Watson brought along her brother, Alex Watson for the Burberry ride! And even if it’s just a rumor, there’s the first image to prove it! Not as striking as her first ad-session with Burberry, what say you?

UPDATE: More images (and two videos that you can watch right after the images) have emerged to sustain the above rumored Spring Summer 2010 Burberry Prorsum campaign with our very same Emma Watson, Alex Watson, Max Hurd and Matt Gilmour. (Don’t miss the rest right after the jump, click the images for larger view!) (TFS)

Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Emma Watson Burberry Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Emma Watson Burberry SS 2010 ad campaign

Emma Watson Alex Watson Burberry Summer 2010 Ad

Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 1 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 2 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 3

Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 4 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 6 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 6

Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 7 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 8 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 9

Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 10 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 11 Emma Watson Burberry Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign 12


#1 Ellington on 01.03.10 at 9:52 pm

What say I Kpriss? Really?!
You know what says I… I want a Viggo Mortensen spread! ;)

I adore Burberry duds with in reason. Some of them are rather spiffy and nifty. But I would not want to wear it (nor any label) head to toe and look like a chav, but as for Emma she still does nothing for me, acting wise or otherwise. As for her brother… whiz ding.

#2 Marisha on 01.04.10 at 6:02 am

That’s not an official photo. Nobody even knows if it is real. It was taken from a site that used it in a collage. I dissappointed that you chose to post a photo that could have been tampered with. You just lost a reader.

#3 Marisha on 01.04.10 at 6:18 am

Lol @ you for thinking that photo is official or even real! I hope Burberry sues your a*.

#4 Terri K. on 01.04.10 at 9:18 am

I have better photoshop skills.

#5 Adriana on 01.04.10 at 10:40 am

Yep, Emma’s arm on her brother’s shoulder does look very weird…..Ah, well nobody is perfect right? Lost a reader because of a mistake? Nah…..:P

Ellington, Viggo Mortensen? Sebastian Koch! You must rent and watch “Das Leben der Anderen” (The Life of Others) with subtitles. I wonder what you say. Besides that this is a wonderful film you should see it has Sebastian Koch in the lead. A gorgeous man and a great actor. :)

#6 Karen on 01.04.10 at 2:14 pm

That’s a bad photoshop. That’s not Alex Watson. Don’t people check sources before they post something as a fact. This is very poor journalism.

#7 Linda on 01.04.10 at 4:49 pm

Her brother?
It would be better to see her with Rupert Grint! They are hot together.

#8 ME on 01.04.10 at 9:20 pm

Love it!!! She looks GORGEOUS!! I’m so happy they kept her on for the Spring/Summer campaign! Bravo Burberry and Bravo EMMA!! Her brother, Alex is a hottie.

#9 cc on 01.05.10 at 1:25 am

Thanks to its popularity amongst teen chavs I think it’s a real chav-tastic label now. I don’t covet it at all. The tartan design is so tired and not very pretty – can someone explain to me why people like it so much?

#10 cc on 01.05.10 at 1:32 am

No offense to all the chavs out there… in my book it’s far better to be a chav than a toff. Chavs seem to have better breeding, manners, actual class etc.

#11 Marisha on 01.05.10 at 6:17 am

Oh thank you for the photos. They are beautiful.

#12 Adriana on 01.05.10 at 9:22 am

Thanks for the update Kpriss.

Hmm, I liked the former campaign better. Photoshoot and clothes, remember the one that made us wanna go on a shopping spree together? I don’t get that feeling with this one….

cc, I can’t explain that Burberry tartan hype since I’ve always found it so ugly. I thought it was for old people on the English country side…..but I see class differences never die. Can you explain to me what “toffs” are? I thought I know what chavs were and they had no manners at all?? Better breeding and class? I don’t get it anymore……:(

#13 Adriana on 01.05.10 at 9:24 am

Oh, the plaque of the celebretards! First the off-spring now the siblings!
I want the models back and I like to see people smile again….gimme a smile please…:))

#14 Ellington on 01.05.10 at 10:21 am

A chav Adriana is someone who is usually of a lower working class but not always, who sometimes comes into money, but not always, has no “class” (my experience of them) and dresses head to toe in designer labels because they think if it is a label it has got to be better. They usually do not have any style or taste and follow the latest trends regardless if it suits them or not. I was inundated with them in England, a ghastly experience.
A toff is usually old money, an extreme example of a toff would be Princes William and Harry, another example would be the old American families the Vanderbilts and the Rockerfellers. One is more likely to meet a chav than a toff.
Chavs and toffs are simply extreme examples of “human types”.
I hope that this helps edify it a bit for you. :)

#15 laura on 01.05.10 at 10:46 am

i liked the fall 09 more…..in this campaign she is uncharismatic..she looks weird with those big shoulders..she doesn’t pull them off…..and they are official….bad for burberry

#16 Hannah on 01.05.10 at 3:30 pm

Actually, her brother is in the campaign and that picture is real. Probably looks weird cause its blurry and the angle isn’t quite right.

#17 Paris on 01.05.10 at 6:21 pm

What is it about fashion that brings out the worst people? Most of the people here sound like stuckups. I think the middle class identify with Emma more than a nameless model. That’s why WE buy what she models.

#18 cc on 01.06.10 at 4:14 am

Yeah I’m stuck up! hahahaha! What are you gonna do about it?

“That’s why WE buy what she models.”

Or is it because YOU are a huge Harry Potter fan?

Don’t get upset – I’m just pulling your leg. Lighten up – trashing fashion and toffs is fun – try it! xx

#19 kpriss on 01.06.10 at 9:36 am

Lol ! yeah, trashing fashion is fun, especially if we’re lighhearted about it!

I’m happy it all turned out to be real after all and we now have all the images from the new campaign so we can judge the good and the bad of it.

You asked, cc what’s with all that iconic Burberry print that’s drawing so much attention still. I think it’s the same as LV’s monogram (and the prints involving the LV initials). Brand recognition beyond trends and fashion.

#20 Adriana on 01.06.10 at 10:47 am


Oh, and another update!!! Carry three bags at the same time? Isn’t that a bit too much? And there is that fugly tartan as fugly as that LV monogram which I can’t stand either.

Ellington thanks for explanation about the “chavs” and the “toffs”. I knew what “chavs” are. So no thanks, to the “toffs” then. Thanks Ellington. :)

#21 Adriana on 01.06.10 at 10:50 am

Once I was almost killed in Tetbury by a toffs’ car. I was a bit drunk, came back from a pub with an Irish (that explains why I was drunk!) but I was still clear enough to realise to look to the right side first when walking over. I felt really proud at myself. So first looking to the right…..and then there was this car…..the Irish saved my life and I started to yell things I shall not repeat here. The Irish in shock: “Stop it Adriana that’s a royal car they drive as fast as they wish and are allowed to drive on we’re gonna be arrested for this!” Well that did it….I started to yell louder being Dutch and not used to this….anyway, I’m still allowed to enter the UK.

Imagine a furious Dutch working class ginger….

#22 Me on 02.23.10 at 4:00 pm

I wonder if we’re going to get some pics of Emma modeling the new designs from the Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign. I would LOVE to see her in some of those trenches and the thigh high boots are to die for! Time to start saving!

#23 neha on 04.15.10 at 3:15 am

emma,your pics is so beautiful.
and you are also pretty in these

#24 Dipu on 04.24.10 at 4:46 am

hi neha

how ru ?

well i think ur looking nice more then emma.

ya its fact.

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