Natasha Poly’s Gucci Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

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If you’re already thinking about next Summer, here comes Gucci with a helping hand, releasing their Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign. Starring Natasha Poly and Ryan Kennedy, the sunny campaign was photographed by Mert and Marcus right by the poolside.

There where the fan hits you one side while the wind blows the other way and the Photoshop magic wand takes your very shadow from you, everybody lounges around on fancy glass furniture. (don’t miss the rest of the pictures! Click here for the gallery)

Natasha Poly Gucci Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign

Of course I’m willing to forgive the Photoshop sins of this Gucci ad campaign, but then again look at them how they’re having fun in the sun! Can you honestly forgive that when Christmas is just around the corner? (sure, when you take a closer look and you see the wax-iness of their fun, it’s almost pitiful) (via)

Natasha Poly Gucci Summer 2010 ad campaign

Natasha Poly Gucci Summer 2010 campaign Natasha Poly Gucci sSummer 2010 campaign


#1 Ellington on 12.22.09 at 10:25 am

This ad is too plastic fantastic for me to enjoy. :(

#2 Adriana on 12.24.09 at 7:43 am


I begin to dislike this kind of shoots. Sorry……:(

#3 Adriana on 12.24.09 at 7:52 am


#4 cc on 12.31.09 at 12:02 am

Stilts rather than real legs. In fact, this looks more like an alien stick insect. Do ad executives really think a human woman looks like this?

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