Heidi Klum In Raven Costume For Halloween Party 2009. Joins The Black Paint Trend

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Heidi Klum’s traditional Halloween Party would have been nothing really if there was no Heidi. And Seal. And a bit of controversy to light up the night.

This year, Heidi Klum and her husband were dressed up as Ravens. Beautiful costumes, scary and true to the night’s evil spirited theme. However, beautiful Heidi chose to paint her face black, to get more into the character’s skin…ahem feathers. And that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if this wasn’t a trend lately. Everybody’s doing the black paint thing. Should we consider Heidi’s body paint as an innocent Halloween-coordinated doing? (photos via 1, 2)

Heidi Klum Seal Halloween party 2009

Heidi Klum costume Halloween 2009

Heidi Klum raven costume Halloween


#1 Matt on 11.01.09 at 7:41 pm

Wow, that costume is a little disturbing! But very impressive none the less.

#2 Adriana on 11.02.09 at 8:17 am

Creative! And I can’t bash Heidi for the paint case in this case. This has a purpose: ravens are black right? Absolutely innocent.

#3 Ellington on 11.02.09 at 8:36 am

No this is not offensive or racist. Heidi was portraying a raven and they are black in colour. If she went as a parrot she would have most likely don a married of colours to depict the rainbow like plumage of the bird. I remember one year she painted herself green, I think she was some kind of reptile/monster/alien or some such. I enjoy seeing her Halloween costumes she always looks like she is having fun and she goes all out! :)

#4 kpriss on 11.02.09 at 9:58 am

You’re right, I love it too! Their way of being all Halloween-ish, every year, it’s the same, they are the costumes they wear. It’s beautiful. And she looks amazing, only a month after giving birth. But that’s Heidi… I wonder if she’ll be doing the VS this year. Two months after giving birth. That would be a great example!

(have you seen those false feathered eyelashes? beautiful!)

#5 gigi on 11.02.09 at 12:42 pm

Heidi always has the coolest costumes! Glad Seal joined in with her this year too. He is truly a beautiful man… the black paint really showed off how chiseled his features are — great nose & a great jaw! I don’t remember him being a part of it when she went as Kali last year… [he would have made a great Krishna] wasn’t he a samoan warrier or something?

#6 Adriana on 11.03.09 at 9:12 am

Heidi and Seal love life and their traditional Halloween Parties are also to support an Aids Charity for children as I read yesterday. Seal also works for the SLE Lupus Foundation.
They rock these two…..mwah!! xoxo!!

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