Power By Fifty Cent, The Fragrance

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I may be behind on my hip culture, but I haven’t heard nothing music-wise from 50 lately… Instead, there goes something fashion & beauty – wise in my mailbox, talking about the new perfume (?) signed 50 Cent!

If you can’t believe the written word, go out, see him for yourself! He’s scheduled for exclusive appearances at Macy’s, promoting his new fragrance: Power by 50 Cent (doesn’t it speak for itself?) There’s no word if the scent will give you bulletproof features, like 50 cent’s, but you can still try: November 5th he’ll be at Herald Square NYC from 5-7pm, November 7th Macy’s Perimeter (Atlanta) 12-2pm, November 9th State Street (Chicago) 12-2pm, November 10th Macy’s Union Square (SF) 5-7pm, November 11th Macy’s Lakeside (California) 5-7pm. (the story continues right after the jump)

Power by fifty cent the perfume

The good side of getting stuff emailed to you is having a tone of details you can really work with and around it to make a difference with your piece. So here comes the story behind the product, the beauty, fashion and style gossip we love so much! Who is 50 Cent and why would he launch a fragrance called “Power”? And what’s it smell like?

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson came from the streets, like most hip hop and rap artists do and he integrated, just like the others, his “hood” life, his background, in his music. Of course he had some serious backup or he wouldn’t have made it so big just singing, like all others, about the hard ‘nock life. Eminem and Dr Dre produced his commercial success and enabled him to get larger than a simple rap artist: he even founded his record label G-Unit Records and also appeared in few movies, not to mention he branded his artist name and went commercial with it.

What makes fifty so special and why he got so notorious so fast? His legend surpassed him. He was shot nine times and made it (now don’t get me started on how good the shooter really was, however, being shot at very close range so many times and survive the incident is definitely something worth telling and speculating: he even has his own video game called 50 Cent: Bulletproof).

fifty cent tattoos

50 Cent stroke the winning chord and now he’s making it swing again with a fragrance called “Power”. With not very much left for the imagination, the fragrance aims at an immediate success appealing at those (who besides knowing and appreciating 50) want to feel the empowerment and the confidence that drove Curtis Jackson to becoming 50 Cent.

If you know anyone fitting the above profile, hurry up and get the perfume (why not with an autograph since you already have the schedule above)! The scent was described as masculine and strong with top notes of lemon leaves, black pepper and Artemisia, followed by dark woods, coriander and nutmeg plus patchouli, musk and oak moss. Made by the house of Firmenich and bottled in a recipient designed by Maesa, the first impression this Power by fifty cent should leave you with is strength and (what else?) power! All that for fifty bucks the 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette! (also available in: 3.4 oz EdT $68,50, 3.4oz 2 pcs gift set with 3.4oz EdT and 3.4 oz Aftershave $68,50). Anyone on your Christmas List matches with the Power by fifty cent? (photos via)


#1 Adriana on 10.27.09 at 8:03 am

I’ve a weak spot for 50 cent. Coming from the street, being shot, got big and now here he is with a scent called Power…
I love seeing him interviewed. Because then there’s only one word I can find to describe Curtis: cute! I type this with a big smile. Cute is not what this bottle is but I like it a lot and alas I’ve no one on my Christmas list for this scent…..

#2 Ellington on 10.27.09 at 8:51 am

Just in time for Christmas! :)
I am sure it will sell. But I do not think that any of my brothers would want a bottle, they are not fans of his.
50 Cent has become an entrepreneur much like Ludacriss and of course Jay-Z.
It is wise to diversify your portfolio.

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