H & M Fall Winter 2009 (My Favorite Sweater)

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You remember that Vogue Paris picture of Claudia Schiffer with the lovely, lovely sweater? Can you believe that’s actually a very affordable H & M sweater?

I was looking through their fall campaign with the beautiful Liya Kebede and this ruffled sweater got my attention: heey, don’t I know you already? And then bam! It came to me: it was the very soft and cosy number Claudia was wearing in Vogue Paris October 2009! And here I was, thinking about Donna Karan’s cashmere when I could have this $45 comfy joy in my wardrobe! What say you? (H&M via fgr)

Liya Kebede HM Fall 2009

Liya Kebede HM Fall Winter 2009 2010


#1 Ellington on 10.24.09 at 7:27 am

It is cute! Go for it! :)

#2 café au lait on 10.24.09 at 7:30 am

it’s 100% acrylic

I went in h&m, because I was searching some thing warm for the winter, and Yes it’s cheaper but acrylic is not warm,

It’s sad that you can’t get a good sweater in a good material for an afordabke, price.

but we still have second good lambwool sweater,

i’m sorry to tell you that it seems you like this sweater, I was very disappointed when I saw that every affordable knitted sweater is in acrylic with less wool.

#3 kpriss on 10.24.09 at 7:43 am

That is sad! I really love the thing! Bad fabric, however, makes a serious difference! Don’t you just hate it? They make an affordable thing and you can’t buy it because it’s made of some unwearable fabric! That won’t make me spend ten times the price of this acrylic beauty for a cashmere piece from Donna Karan.

Still looking for the best price/quality piece!

What about you, cafe au lait, found what you were looking for chez H&M?

#4 Adriana on 10.24.09 at 12:31 pm

Acrylic is also itchy or it makes me sweat, so not warm in a nice way…and it ehh…OMG what’s the word in English….well, it looks ugly very fast after wearing and wash it a few times only even for that price. I’ve seen yet nice pieces like this from smaller brands who are far more friendly for our wallet and more important our skin. :)

But yes, it does look nice, very nice.

#5 café au lait on 10.24.09 at 1:18 pm

I didn’t find some thing in H&M but well in Zara, I was searching a nice, fashion huge sweater for me and my girl (1year), I carry her all the time in my (creation) baby carrier, for that I need a warm,big sweater to protect us both during the winter like the 2nd and 4th ones from the second line here.

I saw some good stuff in second handshops also.

#6 Adriana on 07.31.10 at 10:07 am

I was in H&M last Thursday and tried out a great looking green long wide top and cropped cardigan with ‘pearls’. It was not pricey of course. When I had it on it looked cheap and poorly on me. Bad fit and all. And then I noticed the label: Made in Pakistan and I got immediately visions of poor people over there forced to work for Al Qaeda! I’m so interested in what’s going on there and feel for the poor Afghan people who see our army go but they can’t save them…..our peace mission troops leave them……but as an Afghan (who lives here) told me and those people themselves in the many coverages I saw on tv and heard from the mouth of a reporter I know who’s been there for months: we can’t stop the tribe wars and other terrorism. It’s not in our league. Uruzgan was kinda safe when ‘we’ were there. It’s hard to see old men cry even some of our soldiers leave with a bleeding heart but they know it is like that……=((

From now on and don’t set a foot in H&M ever anymore.


Kpriss, I’m not offended if you modified this long statement, it’s just how I feel.

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