Chanel Iman And Jourdan Dunn Do Teen Vogue November 2009

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I can’t get enough of this duo! Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn cover the November 2009 issue of Teen Vogue magazine.

Looking fresh and radiant and smiling their teeth off, Chanel and Jourdan are the new power fashion couple. At least as far as fashion magazines pictorials go. And it’s not just that. Being pregnant at such a tender age as Jourdan and still have so much support from the industry (and the media) is huge! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue November 2009 cover

While Chanel looks and feels careless, carefree and career focused, Jourdan takes on her mother’s footsteps. She revealed in Teen Vogue’s interview that her mother got pregnant with her when she was the same age (nineteen). Isn’t that something? It’s not just about their personal choices you get to read in this November 2009 Teen Vogue! It’s also about the harsh realities of the fashion industry. Especially when your skin color is different from the average white-ish:

“I remember last season,” says Jourdan, “I was about to go into a casting, and my agent phoned and said, ‘Turn back. They decided they don’t want any black models.’ I was like, ‘They’re actually telling you that’s the reason? Are you serious?!'”

Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue

It’s good to know they stick together now, after all this time! Personally, if I was to choose, I’d go with Jourdan for her grace and warm beauty; I’d go with Chanel for her young ways and open smile. Since I can’t break the two and make just one, I’ll have to agree with all these editors who take the duo for a photo shoot. How can you choose just one? (photos via 1, 2)

Jourdan Chanel Teen Vogue November 2009

Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 1 Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 2 Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 3


#1 anom on 10.05.09 at 4:00 pm

Jourdan Dunn is a great model & when she is in the magazines I think ‘at long last a supermodel!’ A model that jumps from the page.
For far too long fashion magazines have concentrated on bland looking girls (& celebrities) & I for one am bored to death of it.
One last thing – the smiling & happy model pictorial is great. The S&M/ soft porn thing I don’t quite understand in a fashion magazine. I must have been influenced by seventeen way back in the 80s!

#2 Ellington on 10.05.09 at 4:04 pm

They are both so very lovely and they each have a special something! I adore them!
Its nice to see them liking each other rather than hearing a revamp about that horrid thing that went on between Naomi and Tyra. Its great that two beautiful Black women can model and be successful, but as for Jourdan’s story about “them” not wanting Black models, it is sad,stupid and lame and not surprising. For as forward thinking the fashion industry likes to think itself to be it can be a very backward and ignorant industry.
This is a fun and cute layout! :)

#3 Adriana on 10.06.09 at 11:09 am

Ladies, I read a more critical piece at NY Times Magazine The Cut online yesterday! I was kinda shocked because of the Naomi and Tyra thing and thought: “Oh, no not that again after all those years! When does it stop? And why has it not changed yet?”
This shoot looks totally cute ….so what’s the truth? I like the difference between these two a lot. I guess we’ve to buy Teen Vogue then?

I saw last week a new Moroccan model somewhere. So beautiful. We’ve a lot of immigrants and today I had some fun with such a gorgeous girl about yogurt in the supermarket. :) She wore a shawl so it’s obvious she don’t want to be a model, but she had that look….She doesn’t either have a change. Why are fashion people so shallow and blind? Why do I wonder again as so many other people……shakes her head here…..:(

Oh, ladies have you noticed Jourdan on JPG’s catwalk with a special bump? The design was not spectactular but it was nice to see. Her face was fuller due to her pregnancy :)

#4 kpriss on 10.07.09 at 5:39 am

totally included the story of the catwalking baby bump! She was charming! And it’s great for her, not only as a black model but also as a pregnant model to walk such a high rated fashion show!

People are being harsh on her, saying different things, but maliciousness comes with the territory as Ellington said, the stupid territory :(. They’re pretending open mindness and uber coolness and still they can say they don’t want black models down their runway? It’s degrading. For them! They live in a world that doesn’t exist anymore! Sad. sad!

Still, let me feel the full joy of this Teen Vogue! They both look so radiant, fresh! Like a breath of fresh air!

#5 Adriana on 10.07.09 at 6:18 am

Ha, I’m so gonna buy this Teen Vogue! It’s just a very, very small action of support: read the story myself. The Cut was mean, no bitchy nasty! I hope no one minds I put it this way because that’s how it felt and they are often like that. That spot has regular somewhat of a degrading tone. Is that Manhattan, New York? I rather stay home then…..
Have you read it Kpriss? I’ve read it like four times carefully and with 1000% attention because of my English. They tried to create a certain atmosphere I despise…..ugh…..

(*Buying this Teen Vogue I’ve an upgrade on a teen magazine) ahem, THE teen magazine ……)

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