Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010 Collection

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After reviewing Alexander McQueen’s beyond-futuristic Spring Summer 2010 collection, Anna Sui’s retro air and circus-friendly Spring Summer 2010 collection feels like a true blessing.

A true fashblessing! I feel my beloved Planet Earth firmly under my feet, though spinning with Anna Sui’s circus of time. Anna Sui’s collection brought the 60s back to the catwalk. With a smile! (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a video of the Fashion Show!)

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010 collection

There’s so much I’d want to wear from this collection, I just keep watching the video in a loop. All those prints thoroughly mixed after a gypsy recipe, all those bright colors (despite the greys, black & whites and purples), all those comfortable shoes (flats, for the most part)! All those models smiling? Who could possibly ask for a girlier, summer-friendlier collection? (you can see photos from the entire collection here)

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010

Anna Sui Spring 2010

Anna Sui Summer 2010

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010 1

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010 2

Anna Sui Ss 2010

Anna Sui Ssummer 2010

Anna Sui Spring Summer 10

Anna Sui SS 10


#1 Ellington on 10.09.09 at 10:46 am

I like it all and would wear it all! :)

#2 Daydreamer on 10.12.09 at 7:04 am

I’m not an Anna Sui girl but I always like her collection. He has her aesthetic style and you can just point out the dress that it’s made by Anna Sui.

I love over all looks of the collection. Girly, fresh, young, and colorful!! And the fake bangs are so cute!

Though I spotted some dresses I want to wear.

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