Puma Trail Trainer By Alexander McQueen 2009 Fall Winter Collection

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Don’t you just love a good pair of sneakers when you see them? I’ve been a huge Puma fan for years. My Adored Husband owns a proven-to-be-immortal, indestructible pair of Puma Clyde (green suede). How could you not love the classic cut, the colorful twist and the made-to-resist design?

However, this is not a Puma Clyde appreciation post. This is all about the ongoing collaboration between Alexander McQueen and Puma. The 2009/2010 fall-winter collection gives us the Trail Trainer. (the story continues after the jump with more images!)

Alexander McQueen Puma 2009 fall trail trainer

The low top and the mid-cut Trail Trainer by Alexander McQueen for Puma look similar. The $251,59 Trail Low is more impressive, however. The contrasting white rubber sole teams with a grey suede and leather upper design, with a sports lace finish. The $275,94 Trail Mid is more discrete, using almost the same color palette as the Trail Low, only in lighter. (could anyone confirm they’re designed both for men and women?) (via)

Alexander McQueen Puma mid trail trainer 2009 fall

Alexander McQueen Puma low trail trainer 2009 fall

Alexander McQueen Puma 2009 fall low trail trainer sneakers

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#1 Ellington on 09.16.09 at 5:48 pm

They are nifty but I am a Converse Chica all the way! : )

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