Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart And The Ting Tings That’s Not My Name

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I kept thinking if I really wanted to do this! And I do, I do, I really do! It never hurts to dance a bit, have fun, enjoy a stress-less moment. There’s no artistic pressure, no fanciness, no philosophy, nothing heavy in these two pieces of music I chose for today!

I spent many years listening to meaningful music; listening to artistic, underground pieces with a very limited appeal. Every now and then, my rebel self goes up against artsy fancy indie things. I break the rules! Thank you for this amazing week, for your priceless comments! I wish you have the most unbelievable, whirlwinding weekend yet! and I give you today Mr. Billy Ray Cyrus at his prime with Achy Breaky Heart! (wait just few seconds after pressing the play button, don’t panic if it doesn’t start right away! also, click through to discover more information about this song and another funny piece of music by The Ting Tings: That’s not my name!)

Can you imagine Karl Lagerfeld dancing to Achy Breaky Heart? That alone makes me laugh my heart out! He’s got the boots, he’s got the pony tail to do it, what’s he waiting for?

Getting back to serious stuff now: though it’s Billy Ray Cyrus (yup, yup, that’s Miley’s dad!) most famous song, it was not written by or for him! It was first titled “Don’t tell my heart” as written by Don Von Tess and recorded by The Marcy Brothers. However, Billy Ray’s 1992 recording of the song, (he changed the title into Achy Breaky Heart) brought him a world of success, reaching #4 on Billboard Hot 100! He lost the Grammy Award that year to Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven (oh, what a song! Mr Slowhand is unbeatable!).

You should also note that some very sane people, the type that never blows out of their artsy shmancy boundaries voted this song as #2 on VH!’s 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs; the same as Blender Magazine’s 50 Worst Songs Ever! Isn’t it refreshing to know that when you’re listening to this song, you’re actually going against the flow? Now, now, before you get too excited let’s get back to our days’ music with The Ting Things and That’s not my name. If you asked me, before I read around and found out they were British, I actually thought this song was sung by a Cheerleaders squad in one of those unearthly acrobatic performances! Really, I did!

I first listened to the Ting Things song while we were visiting beautiful Austria. We accidentally tuned our car radio and bumped in to a music radio station there called FM 4. Now I don’t know what kind of radio that is, but it had news and programs in English, what a blessing! And they’ve got some great playlists! Some jazz here, some hip hop there, tons and tons of rock and British bands. (that kinda makes sense now, The Ting Tings being British, they were featured on FM 4, right?) Anyway, the UK based duo means Jules De Martino and Katie White. They recorded their first songs together in 2007 and started pushing them around till they were voted third by the BBC 6 Music poll of industry experts. (that sounds serious!)

Even though they had an indie start, they had to go mainstream and after releasing some of their music through MySpace, the band also released a statement encouraging fans to legally buy their music in order to keep them at top positions in the official charts. One of The Ting Tings’ songs : Shut up and let me go appears in an iPod commercial in April 2008. That instantly boosted their fame levels so currently they’re opening for Pink’s US tour. I hope you enjoyed this week’s break and that its lightweight mood got to you too!


#1 Adriana on 09.19.09 at 7:07 am

Good morning to you lovely! I was just thinking about the eh, weekend break. Let’s read and listen first ;)

WOWSA! LOL! I’ve listened to the Tings Tings all summer long but I’ve a also confession to make: someone here played Achy, Breaky, Heart three times in row still dreaming that silly dream of mine to line-dance in Nashville! They called me crazy, that’s not my name, back then in 1992 because I loved this cheerful song and danced along on it. Good for you Kpriss, thanks girl as always. And here we go one more time…..come on all get in line and dance!

I love that piano!

(Scroll to 45min.!)

#2 Adriana on 09.19.09 at 7:21 am

YAY and here we go one more time then before leaving…….:)))
Thanks for another entertaining week all you lovelies. Until next week…..and now dance…. :D

#3 kpriss on 09.19.09 at 7:34 am

>:D< I'm so happy you liked it! Dance, girl, dance! I so looove the line dance!

#4 Adriana on 09.19.09 at 7:35 am

Me again…eeekkk….is in the country mood now and had to search hard in my collection I guess my neighbours are in disbelief me playing Dwight Yoakam! Gosh, saw him once perform mid 90’s so sexy in that pants of his but I wondered what he hided under that hat…..:)

#5 Ellington on 09.19.09 at 9:41 am

Billy Ray Cyrus!!?? ;)
Ah well I do love The Ting Tings!
They are ever so fabu! So a very happy weekend to you all me dearies!
Hugs and smiles all around!

Oh and Adriana Dwight Yoakam is great! :) under the hat he hid male pattern baldness, he is also not a bad actor. He was great but vile in Sling Blade and also he was mean and vile in Panic Room.
Oh and to the Achy Breaky I could see The Kaiser doing the “Vogue” to it after all he is an artisst you see dahlings.

#6 Adriana on 09.21.09 at 8:48 am

Hi Ellington, yes I know all about Dwight. Even in his films he wears a hat or cap. But girl was that man sexy performing life…..sighs…. my god, only girls front row Amsterdam’s Paradiso and it was a bloody hot night in August…..:D
I saw him a few weeks ago in “Bandidas” a film of no importance with Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, loved their clothes and of course there was a bad guy and guess who? I took me some time and then I saw it: Dwight Yoakam! GRRRRRRRRR….

So Kpriss, that leaves us then to a “pas de deux” dance line? Or make a long drive in the car singing along with all kinds of happy dance/driving song? I can see it….:))

Since this is the “relaxation break” ladies, I’m now addicted to “Fringe”! I love it. It’s a kind off sci-fi/horror mix….argh….I’m sometimes sooooo scared. Oh and there’s a cutie of course, always nice, Joshua Jackson *swoons*.
Right on time after the first Mad Men series quitted. I love to have an addictive tv-series….:)

#7 kpriss on 09.21.09 at 12:27 pm

lol, yep, Billy Ray Cyrus! Isn’t it good to feel those eyebrows rise up, up and away? ;)

My car CD only plays children music. I’ve got my head spinning with all that Itsy Bitsy Spider and all! I’d change that for Billy Ray at the end of a long driving day, really!

oooh, Fringe! I’m still waiting for “Lie to Me” . Is it me, or “Fringe” is the new X Files?

#8 Adriana on 09.21.09 at 12:49 pm

Yes, maybe a bit like the X-Files but I like this series much better. I’ve quitted X-Files soon sometimes enough is enough.
Oh, I’ve read Mad Man has won some Emmy’s: HUZZAH!!

Kpriss, I just LOVE your music choices. Every week I think what’s her choice now? It’s always fun to me. You’re almost like my favourite radio station late at night: my weekly 3FM online! :D

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