Kate Moss Covers Vogue Nippon July 2009

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Vogue Nippon almost manages a normal cover for their July 2009 cover. That may be because of super Kate Moss covering this issue. Whatever the reason, it’s a pleasant (normal) sight to see!

Kate Moss does a perfect Debbie Harry for this cover. Perfect Blondie hair, perfect Blondie attitude (I bet she wishes she had perfect Blondie voice too!). What I loved about Kate and her Vogue Nippon cover is her un-Moss-ness! She (almost) has her mouth closed! Can you believe it? (photo via)

Kate Moss vogue Nippon July 2009 cover


#1 Adriana on 06.05.09 at 5:56 am

No, there’s only one Debbie Harry but Kate looks great on this cover. As a real woman her age.She looks beautiful. I often see photos by the paps where she’s au-naturel and careless. Something I like about her. She isn’t always perfect but always beautiful.
But please Kate forget about being rock star…..I know it’s hard….tell me all about it…
Hear me, not even a real fan but the truth has to be told!

#2 Ellington on 06.05.09 at 7:21 am

She looks stunning on this cover, but Adrianna is right there is only one Debbie Harry, maybe its an homage? I will say this though Kate gives great face.

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