How To Deal With The Pregnancy Weight Gain?

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Heidi Klum is pregnant with her fourth child. While the fashworld is breathlessly waiting for her maternity wardrobe, she takes her time to live the pregnancy as a normal happening.

She recently declared that she’s not worried about the pregnancy weight gain because she just knows her “body will go back again”. And I suggest we take her word for it – after all, she catwalked for Victoria’s Secret just two months after she gave birth to her third child! Preggies? Make peace with your body! It’s a Heaven affair!

Heidi Klum Pregnant baby bump

Of course, one may argue that a model such as Heidi Klum is not exactly the general physical reference for pregnancy and weight-related issues. But let’s just take a moment and think about it: while we, normal mothers, we’re living our pregnancy in the privacy of our lives, away from the spotlight, Heidi Klum (and any other famous mother out there) is constantly watched by tens, hundreds of photographers, ready to capture the smallest flaws, the most insignificant details with viral news potential.

So that doubles the weight trouble for them!

Heidi Klum favors red for pregnant Red Carpet dresses

Let’s think about this pregnancy weight issue for a moment: if you’re experiencing the joys of pregnancy for the first time, although you may not know what’s ahead, you’ll certainly wear pregnancy clothing as early as the end of the first trimester. Because you can’t wait to show that you’re expecting, right? Well, let’s just leave it to this and do focus on one thing, and one thing alone: just because you have a tiny person growing inside of you, it doesn’t mean that you have to feed him/her too! Just eat normally, not for 2 (or 3. Or 4?). Your body will do what’s in its nature to do.

pregnant celebrities eating Kim Kardashian Drew Barrymore

If you’ve already gone through at least one pregnancy before, chances are you already know how your body reacts during this blessed period of your life. As such, you’ll most likely (1) recycle your previous pregnancy wardrobe, (2) wear your boyfriend/partner/husband’s clothes or (3) buy your own, a couple of sizes up. Once you feel the joy of wearing oversized clothes, chances are you’ll never go back to over-bodyhugging looks again!

So that’s how can deal with the weight gain from a fashion point of view. It’s actually way simpler than one would imagine and the physical changes actually pass on second after the sudden moody feelings caused by your pregnant hormones.

pregnant celebrities on the Red Carpet Selma Blair Amy Adams Angelina Jolie

From a healthy/diet/scale related perspective, things may vary from one pregnant woman to another. There are some who just give into every temptation they ever experienced in their (nonpregnant) life by putting it all on the ‘baby cravings’ (seriously?) or some who just don’t feel at ease with what’s going on and they take generous refuge in the ice cream bucket. I personally think that the answer to those is activity. Try finding yourself a hobby. Grow aromatic herbs. Learn to take pictures. Start a blog. Something that’ll help you concentrate on a different direction than your belly button.

And then, there are the blessed pregnant women, such as Heidi, who just snap back in shape after giving birth. I was fortunate enough to be like that after all my four pregnancies and what I can say (other than DNA – yes, I’m aware that it’s cliché, but it’s the honest truth!) is that it doesn’t come without a fair share of effort.

Heidi Klum pregnant still in the spotlight

If you’re willing to give your baby the time he or she needs, there will be plenty enough for your body as well! Just give your mind the break it needs. It took you nine months to get here, why rush things back? It’s all in your head. A beautiful smile will never need a scale test! An honest laugh will always make you feel the happiest, most beautiful, most fortunate person on earth! That second. That laughter? It’s the sound of Heaven. Who thinks about weight when they’re happy?


#1 Ellington on 06.25.09 at 9:18 pm

Good for her and her metabolism.
I hope that she has an enjoyable pregnancy. :)

#2 Daydreamer on 06.25.09 at 10:22 pm

She has such great body and I guess with this fourth kid, she just knows what to do next. It’s like her thing now but not happens every often. Like special thing!

#3 Adriana on 06.26.09 at 5:31 am

To Heidi motherhood seems so natural and joyful that I’m not surprised she doesn’t worry at all.

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