i-D Six Issues Per Year!

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i D Magazine March 09Let me start with the bad news: i-D fashion magazine falls under the economy crisis hammer! The good news is that it’s only cutting down by half: i-D magazine goes from twelve to six issues per year (starting September) ! Rumor has it that i-D will turn more to its website…Hear that? It’s the sound of inevitability: the end of paper magazines is near! Long live the internet! (Fashionologie)


#1 Adriana on 05.14.09 at 5:56 am

I’m not so sure…..Rupert Murdoch (as you may’ve read) wants money for the use of the information from his newspapers. Everything for free is over. And he has a point. I hardly buy magazines anymore these days. They’ve become less interesting to me because I’ve seen and read most of it on the internet. I don’t get that kick anymore: what’s in it this month?? I’ve seen the covers and some shoots yet all over the web…..
What will happen to all blogs that rely on this info of the magazines and newspapers for free? What if it’s not for free anymore and we have to pay for everything? Long live the internet?

#2 Hapsical Blog on 05.14.09 at 3:34 pm

Oh, i-D.. this is sad.

I always found it odd that they never went online like Dazed did (with great success, it would seem).. they have a website but it hasn’t been changed for years and years and there is NO free content online.. interestingly, mags like V and AnOther are starting to routinely offer their entire magazine in free online format.

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