Paule Marrot Nike Skinny Dunk Sneakers

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Mix and match is a healthy philosophy for the avid fashion consumer. A designer piece here, a vintage accent there, it’s all in the creativeness of the ensemble.

Paule Marrot, a legendary French textile designer, got into sneakers. Nike Skinny Dunk by Paule Marrot is only available for women. The two versions of the new print-Skinny Dunk Hi: pink and black look lovely and summer-ready, just like the floral Nike Liberty Blazer. (the story continues right after the jump!)

Paule Marrot Nike Skinny Dunk hi pink

Just as legendary, just as fashionably reinterpreted, which which summer sneaker do you favor: the Brit floral-chic Liberty or the French birds-chic Marrot? (via)

Paule Marrot Nike Skinny Dunk hi black


#1 deka on 05.12.09 at 9:54 pm

you know i love a pretty sneaker!

#2 Ellington on 05.13.09 at 4:59 pm

I kind of like both colours of these new funky runners!

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