Visionaire 56 Solar Colorful Experience

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Visionaire’s issues bring art closer with every cover. For their 56 issue, a special collaboration with Calvin Klein Collection gives a solar factor to their art experience.

A limited edition of 3,000 copies has brought together artists like John Baldessari, Olaf Breuning, Richard Burbridge, Ryan McGinley, Roe Ethridge, Peter Lindbergh, Glen Luchford, Alex Katz, M/M, Yoko Ono, Richard Philips, David Sims, Inez and Vinoodh. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Visionaire 56 Solar Ron Ethridge bird cover

While the all-white cover may look interesting just as it is, if you expose it to direct sunlight, the solar Visionaire experience is stunning! You might ask how that is done: it’s all in the Photochromic Plastisol Inks (PHOT) used for the printing. Using these inks makes the print almost colorless when indoors but when it’s exposed to intense UV light (sunlight), it changes into a bright colored print.

Visionaire 56 Solar Inez Vinoodh

The PHOT ink is transparent and mostly used for printing on textile but it can also be used on any surface that can be heated to 300°F – 340°F (143°C – 166°C) in order to dry the plastisol. The photochromism is, in itself, a reversible transformation by absorption of electromagnetic radiation. Turning art into chemistry, pure science, isn’t very helpful for the aesthetic appreciation of the Visionaire 56 Solar issue. But I always love a bit of backstage when fashion & art involved!

Visionaire 56 Solar Alex Katz

Visionaire 56 Solar Richard Burbridge

Even if all the artwork is pretty impressive, Roe Ehtridge’s cover bird is my favorite. Which one caught your eye?

Visionaire 56 Solar Olaf Breuning bw

Visionaire 56 Solar Olaf Breuning

Visionaire 56 Solar MM bw

Visionaire 56 Solar MM Paris

Visionaire 56 Solar David Sims bw

Visionaire 56 Solar David Sims

Visionaire 56 Solar Yoko Ono bw

Visionaire 56 Solar Yoko Ono

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