Kanye West Collection

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Besides being dressed in his “own” creations, Kanye West (yes, yes, it’s a singer, hence the new celeb turned designer) announced (Friday, in Paris) a women’s line for fall.

You know, for me it’s like a continuing disappointment. At first I liked his singing, then I learned to understand the way he constantly brags about himself but considered it was part of his celebrity thing, after I have to cope with the designer reality. And even so, the man continues to stun me! Before he launched the women’s line news, he announces that he was there (in Paris, Jardins de Bagatelle) for “Louis” (Vuitton). How’bout that? Since Kanye is a real talented designer, he also manifests incredible medium talents since Louis (Louis Vuitton) died in 1892! What’s wrong with the world? Will they all blame it on the Napster for having to invade the catwalks with their so called designs?

Kanye West Collection
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#1 Adriana on 07.02.08 at 8:07 am

Fashion today is not about innocent fun to dress up and create ‘your own look’ anymore but [big] numbers, celebs and troubled style icons. The last seems to help the imagination of people and I wonder why really? Do the brave ones dream in silence to be the wild ones too? I wonder……
Since Anna Wintour has pushed Puff Diddy Daddy Dideliedo through our throats another woman with power in the world of fashion has embraced the ever so annoying Kanye West and that’s [the so rock ‘n roll] Carine Roitfeld. (As we all know of course the editor for French Vogue). When Kanye visited ‘Louis’ in Paris for negotiations he has been photographed with her somewhere front row at the a fashion show. I’ve forgotten which show it was? Carine was of course dressed for the occasion. More hiop-hop than rock ‘n roll to show she approves with Kanye as a new brand/trend?
Fashion and celebs has embraced each other for so long now. Celebs sells and can be walking talking role-models? For whom? For their own cligue? Or for the lesser mortal to dream? Bercause who else can afford the ridiculous high prices these ‘big names’ seems to be worth than the rich?

#2 e.varden on 07.03.08 at 6:18 am

That ghastly jacket/shoulders make him look like he’s carrying a back-pack.

And what’s with the top-jewelled piece of coprolite bouncing on his plexus? And the anaconda around his neck?

Yuk. (To summarize.)

#3 kpriss on 07.08.08 at 6:38 am

hahaha! So if I understand this right, it’s a Roitfeld Wintour war ruling the fashion world?

Yuk, as e.varden says!

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