Pierre Cardin’s Lacoste Village, France

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Fashion and art always went together like butter and toast. But imagine fashion and art marching hand in hand with le Marquis de Sade and Lacoste! And Pierre Cardin!

One of the fashion world’s controversies involves Mr Pierre Cardin and his interest for a particular cultural patrimony – le village Lacoste from France.

The small village (under 500 people) was properly invaded by Mr Cardin: he bought Marquis De Sade’s castle ruins (remember the impressive Wind Pavilion we talked about months back?) and many from the village’s houses. (more information and pictures right after the jump!)

Lacoste Village France Marquis de Sade castle

Mr. Cardin’s interest for controversial cultural patrimony also extended in Italy, Venice where he bought Casanova’s palazzo. Entre de Sade and Casanova, Pierre Cardin was slammed by the public opinion for his Lacoste interest.

Lacoste Village France images 1

Lacoste is still divided between those who feel fortunate to have Pierre Cardin interest upon them (and their humble houses that sold some for three times their market value) and the decrepit village now getting back to life.

Lacoste Village France images 2

Some, on the other hand, still feel the communist blood running through their veins ( Lacoste was a communist stronghold decades ago) and blame Cardin for acting like a predator, deciphering his actions as being the manners of a “seigneur”, feudal landlord with no respect and appreciation for the locals.

Lacoste Village France castle view s

Lacoste is one of those marvelously inspiring places from the charming French Provence that could be both blessed and cursed by their beauty and artistic vibrations.

Lacoste Village France 4 s

Pierre Cardin’s wish, to transform Lacoste into the “St. Tropez of culture” started with buying the legendary castle’s ruins, building and installing a concert/theatre arena for The Festival of Lacoste (taking place from the last week of July throughout August of every year), continued with buying 20 local houses (that until last year, who knows if he doesn’t own the entire village by now).

Lacoste Village France 1 s

The true artists, bohemians dedicated to their dreaming ways spend their time either studying in the prestigious Lacoste School of the Arts (founded in 1970) either drinking wine out and about in the magical Provencal village.

Lacoste Village France 5 s

The Cardin-Lacoste controversy touched a media-maximum last year but Mr. Cardin’s burning desire to transform the small village into a cultural (and tourism) heaven could only accelerate while he piles up the years. Morally questionable, Mr Cardin’s Lacoste interest could benefit or destroy Lacoste?

Lacoste Village France 3 s

(you can read more about Lacoste here, about le Marquis de Sade here, about Pierre Cardin here) (via)

Lacoste Village France castle view Lacoste Village France 6 Lacoste Village France 5

Lacoste Village France 4 Lacoste Village France 3 Lacoste Village France 1


#1 Ellington on 03.02.09 at 6:25 pm

I don’t know. I hope that he does not take the beauty and charm away from this place and turn it into a fashion/art Disney Six Flags amusement park. That would be sad! : (

#2 Adriana on 03.03.09 at 10:55 am

As always I’m afraid that the real charm of beautiful spots which falls in the hands of the rich (and/or famous) does not benefit the spot and the orginial population but terminate it.
Oh yes, I’m very sure the St. Tropez culture shall definitely destroy the real charm Lacoste.

#3 poom on 11.11.09 at 5:35 pm

In the picture with the three views of Lacoste, the middle picture shown is not Lacoste. I lived in this town for three months walked up the the castle numerous times every week to lay out, study, and sketch.

On a happy note, it’s such a rich and magical place. If you ever get the chance, go there, you won’t forget it…

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