Windshape, The Wind Pavillion

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You remember The French and the Glorious Cosmovoide Bed? Well now you have the French and the Glorious Wind pavilion.

It looks like a spiderman’s thing, but Windshape it’s a two-eight-meter high dynamic structure meant to be a gathering place near the Provence campus in Lacoste (France). Made from plastic pipes with aluminum collars and string, this is a shape created to embrace wind. I wouldn’t understand in what ways that structure represents a gathering for students.(more pictures after the jump)

Wind Pavillion

What I do understand is that this very dynamic structure that changes shape with every wind was placed in the Marquis de Sade’s castle proximity. Being twisted must be something that comes with the territory there… Anyway talking from an amateur perspective, would fabric be the new architectural coordinate?

Wind Pavillion Structure

Wind Pavillion Daylight

Wind Pavillion Perspective

Wind Pavillion Down View

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