Naomi Campbell’s Magic, Egyptian House

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This was on my mind a few days back and haven’t come around to cover it properly. I’ll give up waiting and thinking and go ahead with talking about it. What do you think the picture below shows?

And no, it’s not one of those ET – cornfield drawings you see in viral email attachments. It’s Naomi Campbell’s future home. Click through to inspect it closely. The house is actually a holiday residence and although we see rendered images of a project and distant photographs, the house was apparently already built on a private island in Turkey. The eye of Horus shape was intentional, make no mistake about it! Let’s dip in!

Naomi Campbell eye of Horus dome house

How was Naomi Campbell able to produce such a crazy architectural doing? She was not. Her boyfriend was! In case you were living under a fashion rock, then you know that Naomi Campbell is associated for a few years already with Vladislav Doronin, a (married) Russian billionaire. His love for the black beauty runs deep and this Horus House was designed and built especially for Naomi (just a quick reminder: Horus is part of the Egyptian mythology as the son of Isis and Osiris, a falcon, God of war, of the Sky and protection)

Naomi Campbell strange house shaped like an eye

The island on which this ambitious project was built on is called Isla Playa de Cleopatra. Signed by Architect Luis de Garrido, the dome house has a special, intelligent design to reach both sustainable and aesthetic peaks. Notice the steel frames and glass panels allowing the natural light all year round in the 25 – bedroom home (plus five lounges). Photovoltaic panels and geothermal systems, wastewater recycling system, all come to the rescue of the extravagant design, making room for the sustainable. I look at it and can’t believe how huge it actually is – oh, and have you noticed the interior landscape terrace just under the dome? It’s… what a billionaire can do to show his love, huh?

Naomi Campbell glass dome house shaped like the eye of Horus

Naomi Campbell eye of Horus dome house Turkey island naomi campbell house closeup on the eye of horus Naomi Campbell eye dome house Turkey

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