Louis Vuitton Island Maison Singapore

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Talking about Louis Vuitton earlier reminded me of this amazing aerial view of their amazing LV Island Maison Singapore. (yes, again, the repetitive use of “amazing” is a must in this case where the ostentatious maison is playing both the modesty and the overwhelming luxury cards right under our highly fashionable noses!)

The store, located on a private island in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, was designed by Peter Marino, a world renowned architect (also responsible for Ermenegildo Zegna flagship store in Milan, the Chanel Tower in Ginza, Tokyo and other high fashion houses boutiques scattered around the world). Louis Vuitton has just added this impressive Maison to its commercial portfolio, its 12th Maison in the world (the first in Southeast Asia). It’s so mind numbing from where I stand that I think if I’d ever see it, I’d be more concentrated on the architectural prouesse than on the women, men clothes, the jewelry and the bookstore contained within! Wouldn’t you?

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